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A holistic approach to your retirement.

An integrated understanding of your retirement lifestyle and living healthy and happy.

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Welcome Letter
from John.

I began guiding families and planning for their retirement lifestyles 25 years ago. The principle of our firm is to develop and implement custom investment plans for a dependable income in retirement. This starts with a floor income plan that is stable and gives them confidence that their base expenses are comfortably covered. This frees them to enjoy hobbies, travel, purposeful relationships, and adventurous enrichment. The most rewarding part of my business has been to counsel families to truly enjoy a happy and healthy retirement together.

I look forward to talking to you about your custom planning needs,

John Lohrenz
President of JKL Wealth Management
CA Insurance License #0B21440

Our Process


Discover your Floor
Income Needs

Analyzes your current assets and identify your future goals for retirement income. Evaluate the basic expenses that you have to spend every month to maintain your current lifestyle.

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Project your goals and evaluate your assets and income

Perform a gap analysis on income vs expenses. This includes your household expenses, medical cost, food, and Transportation. Evaluate your risk in your current portfolio based on today's investment climate.


Developing Your Floor Income Plan

Develop and implement a custom plan using strategic investments that provide dependable income to cover monthly expenses and aspirational goals

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