This white paper conveys my thoughts on the current state of the markets and our economy. I have been in the retirement planning and investment discipline my entire 25 year plus career and this time certainly is different. In the mid 1990’s the markets were on a technology wave and averaging very high annual returns historically so the bust in early 2000s didn’t catch me by surprise though it hurt us. The finan-cial crisis of 2008 was harder to see coming and got worse than we expected in the early part of the recession and bear market. The combination of those created a difficult period to manage retirement plan assets for what we now call the lost decade. 2000-2010 was a period where investors who were in the buy and hold discipline did not make a return on the stock market for the 10 years of the double whammy of and the great recession. The decade mentioned above definitely changed many of our perspectives on how bad things can get and ruined a lot of individuals retirement pic-tures in this country.

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