JKL Wealth Management Holistic Retirement Planning

Do you have a floor income plan for your retirement?

Do you know where the income from your retirement portfolio is coming from to pay your monthly expenses? A customized floor income plan can provide specific recommendations to match income and cash flow to necessary household expenses.

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John K. Lohrenz
President, JKL Wealth Management

Hi, I’m John.

I started with retirement income planning 25 years ago when I entered the Wealth Management Industry. The most rewarding part of my business is to see families truly enjoying their retirement fully.

Starting with a floor income plan for retirement that is stable and has the least risk possible can open the clients doors to plan the fun part of their life. Knowing they are comfortable and confident that the base expenses may be covered allows them to then plan for purposeful relationships, hobbies, travel, and charities to work with and that’s what makes all the difference in how they feel in their retirements.

John Lohrenz
President of JKL Wealth Management
CA Insurance License #0B21440

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